XKAPE Customization Lab

Hi Fam!

We have now decided to create a service for you guys to finally get your own clothes made into new masterpieces by hand making it into something completely brand new!

1. Contact us directly to our email xkapeclothing@gmail.com

2. Give us a detailed description of your order including:

    - Clothing Items you would like us to remake for you (Shirts, Hoodies, Jeans, Bedding, Etc. )

    - Pictures for references on dye work or customization (or give artist freedom)

3. Disclaimers:

    - All items must be majority Cotton material (Items with less Cotton will have more diluted coloring)

   - WE DO NOT PRINT GRAPHICS! All materials are recycled clothing so graphics come with the clothing items. 

    - We cannot guarantee any replications of reference pictures due to random nature of tie dye (All tie dye jobs are unique and none are the exact same) 

4. Once your email is received our artists will review and send an invoice regarding all the items you would like to revamp.

Peace, Love, and Positivity!