1. Where can we contact you regarding orders or any other questions?

A: You can directly contact us through email at xkapeclothing@gmail.com and we usually respond the same day or the next day.


2. Do you take custom orders?

A: We do take custom orders for clothing. If you visit the link to our customization lab all the details for making orders will be listed on that page.


3. Are the designs on the clothing printed by you (xkape)?

A: No, we use materials that are recycled to hand dye ourselves and make works of art. Either the materials are thrifted or donated by individuals.


4. How do I wash my brand new shirts?

A: All shirts are pre-washed before an item is sold and shipped out. For safety precautions we do recommend washing the shirt alone for its first wash and any further washes after can be safely washed with similar colors.


5. Will the colors on my items fade out?

A: Our products are hand dyed using professional grade dyes meaning the colors are more embedded in the fibers of the shirt. The color should keep its vibrancy for 40+ washes. Like any regular colored clothing with numerous washes the colors will eventually become faded.